Popular betting markets

Australia sports betting has significantly changed from wagering on traditional outlets and TABs to online bookmakers. Aussies have also experienced a vital increase in the markets that they now have access to since the internet allows bookmakers to establish markets far more easily and swiftly than earlier. Punters find themselves with unlimited market to bet during high seasons and if not, they still find themselves involved in numerous domestic as well as international sports to bet on.

Aussies have been well into sports as much as any other nation in the world and while every sport is mostly either played or watched by majority of the population, some sports have definitely caught up to be part of Australian culture.

Aussie Football bets

As far as Aussie Rules Football goes, Australian Football League hit the highest mark on any punter. Many of these fans are not just passionate while watching a match but also playing bets on their favourite AFL team. Starting every year from late March to the end of September at the Melbourne Cricket ground, the crowd roars all over Australia and New Zealand.

Betting options for Aussie Rules Football vary from site to site but nonetheless, the primary betting options remain the same. We have explained the major and a few minor betting markets and also explained the focus points while betting in these markets. Depending on how much you have knowledge on the league and the players, punters can choose one or many from the extensive betting markets that Aussie Rules so unselfishly offer.

Cricket bets

Amongst the 104 countries playing cricket on an international level today, the Australian Cricket team has always been recognised as a dominant part of the World League. Australian cricket consists of the national team, the Ford Ranger cup, an intense one day competition and the Sheffield Shield, the competition where the regions of Australia battle to be the best in the country.

On the international ground, competitions such as The Ashes create a fearsome but sporty rivalry between England and Australia and betting on The Ashes often result from a strong patriotic feelings and punters who are familiar with the long rivalry take betting and watching the test series seriously. The fact that this series is hosted once in four years makes it unbearable for both Aussies and English to go nuts during the 5 series test matches.

Other major tournaments an Aussie, whether a cricket fan or not cannot afford to miss is the ICC Cricket World Cup which is the big daddy of all the Cricket competitions. Australia has always been a favourite contestant to win the competition therefore betting on this event is very common. Apart from these, numerous ODIs, T20s and test matches are played every by the Australian national cricket team.

The beauty of betting on cricket is the extensive range of exotic bets available for punters to bet on. Players can go for First score of the game bets to First man out, mode of first dismissal and many more. The game of cricket never disappoints while watching or betting.

Rugby League

From the Telstra Premiership Cup to the World Cup to the Test tournament, there is Rugby action and therefore Rugby League betting happening almost all year round. There is no stopping when it comes to watching and betting on Rugby League, especially when you’re an Aussie; and there is no reason to stop as the games every season get bigger and bigger with the Rugby betting market growing simultaneously.

National Rugby League Premiership, a market that heats up months before it actually starts at March every year before ending it in October. Ricking the winner of the season is the most popular form of bets in Rugby league betting and there is nothing to stop you from placing bets early on.

Alongside NRL, there are numerous Minor Leagues betting that take place where players can place head to head bets, handicaps and various exotics. Know all about Rugby League betting at Bestaustralianodds.com

Soccer Australia

Soccer is arguably the most viewed and known sport in the world and Australians love their soccer, whether it be the Australian national team or the tens teams in the Hyundai A-league. Punters can always bet when the Socceroos are in action during World Cup or any friendly match-up. Soccer is known to be one of the largest betting markets online therefore Aussies should not find themselves struggling on what or where to bet.

When it comes to A-league betting, head to head betting and predicting total goals are common but they can also place bets on who will win the Johnny Warren Medal (best player of the season) and the Joe Marston Medal (man of the match in the grand final). Soccer betting is popular because there are many variables that may affect the result of a game including injuries, history and current standings. Know more about the unlimited possibilities of punting and winning while betting on Soccer here.

Tennis Australia

Tennis has always been an Australian favourite and as the first Grand Slam of the year is hosted in Australia, Aussies find themselves hard to resist betting on it. The 2 week tennis action at Melbourne Park from 17 to 30 January keeps Australians on their feet, cheering and betting as top players from around the world compete on the Hard Court. Even if the play is over in Australia, punters still have 4 Grand Slams to look forward to.

To keep the players as well as the fans busy, numerous events such as the Davis Cup, ATP Tours, Fed Cup etc. are held all over the world keeping the markets open all year long. Both men’s and woman tennis events are equally popular and players can bet on numerous markets and apply various strategies to win great money. Find all you need to know about tennis betting at Bestaustralianodds.com