Aussie Rules Football betting markets and strategies

One of the most popular sports in Australia remains a mystery to most other nations, yet Aussie Rules Football tends to be one of the best audience magnet games in Australia. For anyone who has watched a game of this sport is sure to be irresistible in learning more about the game as well as betting on it. Punters may find it surprising that Aussie Rules is one of the easiest bet to bet on and follows a straight forward method in placing bets which makes it easier for bettors to apply a simple betting strategy.

Newcomers to the sport will most likely find the outright market the easiest way to start with Aussie Rules Football but there are always dozens of markets to enjoy.

Aussie Rules Head to head betting

This is a straight forward way of betting where you choose which team out of the 2 will win the game and simply place your bets in them. Placing a head to head bet requires a good research in terms of team performance, injury status, head to head match history between the teams, the influence of the home crowd and more.

A typical head-to-head bet would look like this.

  • Collingwood 1.80
  • Geelong Cats 4.50
  • Draw 67.00

Aussie Rules Line and points betting

These are more popularly known as handicap betting where the underdogs are given a point advantage, evening up the winning and losing odds a bit more. In a match between Collingwood D.C. and Geelong Cats, one would say that Geelong Cats would be the underdogs in this case, so the betting line could look somewhat like this in line betting

  • Collingwood 2.12 (-10.5 points)
  • Geelong Cats 2.12 (+10.5 points)

Here, in the final score if Geelong Cats are 9 points behind Collingwood, you still win the bet. It is important to research on the underdog and their ability to resist and high margin defeat against a stronger team.

Point betting follows a similar rule to Line betting except the handicaps are not aligned. The bookmaker does not add and subtract equal amount of points from both the favourites and the underdogs. So under point betting, the betting slip would like something like

  • Collingwood 2.50 (-10.5 points)
  • Geelong Cats 2.50 (+4.5 points)

In this case, the final score in terms of point betting would be the actual point score of Collingwood minus 10.5 points and the actual point score of Geelong Cats plus 4.5 points.

Again, in this case, their point’s difference in each game plays a big role therefore thorough research is necessary to minimise risk of losing such a bet.

Aussie Rules Margin betting

This is another simple bet to place and can get very interesting as players take notice of every point scored as this type of bet depends on the point margin between two teams. Generally these point margins are 1-39 points and 40+ points per side but can differ depending on the game or the bookmaker.

  • Collingwood 2.30 (1-39 points)
  • Geelong Cats 3.80 (+40 points)
  • Collingwood 3.2 (1-39 points)
  • Geelong Cats 6.00 (+40 points)

In margin betting, if a punter places a bet in Collingwood for win 2.3, the team has to score points not exceeding 39 points. Additionally, the can be half time margins, where you determine the range of points to be scored by the team at half time and also the Winning margin where you bet on the points difference between the two teams at the end of the match.

While betting in this market it is important to note the average points scored by the team as a favourite and as an underdog.

Aussie Rules Exotics betting

The range of exotic bets offered in an Aussie Rules Football match shows how popular and diverse the game can really be. Australian Football offers a wide range of exotics bets for punters to place and these can be 1st scoring team, last scoring team, first goal kicker, man of the match and future betting.