Beginner’s Guide to Online Sports Betting

Fancy a flutter on your favourite NRL team or your favourite tennis player? Bestaustralianodds is happy to guide you as you embark your journey towards taking a risk on your favourite player, team and sport. The huge online sports betting market has inspired many online bettors to invest in online sports betting as it is faster and user friendly way of betting in comparison to the traditional way of having to stand in line at the bookie’s booth. The beauty of sports bets on the internet is that you can place a deal with all bookmakers with the comfort of your own home.


This guide is for beginner sport bettors that are having trouble understanding the concept of basic online sports betting. We’re happy to take you through all the ins and outs of the online betting scene and provide you with all the help and assistance required. This guide is not just directed in guiding starters or rookies but also to help out punters who are already into sports betting but have various minor or major confusions in the process.

Choosing the right bookmaker

Here are some tips you should follow before signing up for an account with a bookmaker. You can find the instruction on the selection of bookmakers, how to check their credibility and how to find out if the sportsbook is compatible to your requirements and ability.

Registering with a bookmaker

Getting started is quick, easy and safe. Here we have outlined the procedures to follow while registering with a sportsbook and opening a new account, these include the details a player is required to fill in; just basic information, nothing too much.

Making a deposit

Most of the reputed bookies often have a wide selection of deposit methods to cater their client’s availability. Bestaustralianodds gives full details on popular deposit methods both the bookmaker and the bettor prefer.These include details of how to make a deposit, fund your account, handle your cash account and maintain your balance with the sportsbook’s cashier.

How to Withdraw

Generally bookies like to give you your winning back on the same card or through the same method that you deposited. Sometimes you will be asked to provide details to help the online bookmaker comply with money laundering regulations. Here we provide details of the most common withdrawal methods that bookies generally offer and players generally are comfortable with.

Different ways of interpreting odds

Sports book have to cram a lot of information on a limited amount of space which is why they generally just throw up the numbers and you are supposed to know what they mean. Bestaustralianodds provides guidelines which are sure to help you understand what all those numbers mean and what you win or loss would look like in numerical terms.

Different types of bets

On this page you will find our article about betting methods and the infinite ways a person can bet in particular sports. Actually, placing a wager can get a lot more in-deppth than just handling over a sum of money on a straight outcome. Placing a straight bet on fixed odds still remains one of the most popular methods of betting, but thanks to extensive and intuitive online markets available, the exploration of different betting options has grown. Bets can be anything from that straight forward single win bet, to big accumulators and backing/laying on an exchange.

Sports betting glossary

All the terms you need to know on sports betting