Choosing the right bookmaker

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We are sure that you have looked up numerous bookmakers on the internet and tempted by all the bonuses and well-designed website, but what does a great bookmaker feature? To answer this question, few words are enough but these words have a vast meaning: navigation, safety, variety, transparency and odds. But most importantly, it is up to your demands and requirements that the bookmaker should act, and not the other way around (considering you are being reasonable).  It is very important to analyse yourself before analysing the bookmaker.

So focusing on you, to choose a bookmaker, see what you require and not what the bookmaker requires out of you. Bestaustralianodds highly suggest you to not go out of your way to make a sports bet. Make a list of attributes that you are comfortable with. First of all, check your available deposit amount and then choose a bookmaker whose minimum deposit requirement is less than what’s available to you. Next, filter the bookmakers who accept players from the region you are in. Australian Players are suggested to register with an Australian bookmaker for the best service. After that, see what deposit options you have easy access to; Debit/Credit cards, E-wallets, PayPal, POLi, Prepaid Cards or Bank Transfers. Now that you have all your information and limitations ready, go through bookmakers and see what aspects match:

  • Does the bookmaker accept where you’re from which region’s bank account you hold?
  • Is the currency in which you hold your account accepted by the bookmaker?
  • Does the bookmaker’s minimum deposit match your fund availability?
  • Are your accessible deposit options acceptable to the bookmaker?

After you list the bookmakers that match your requirement, its time you analyse the bookmaker. First thing to see is if the bookmaker was backed by a trustworthy jurisdiction. Then see how well the bookmakers are reviewed and ranked by third parties. has also provided top recommended bookmakers based on informed decisions by professionals and betting gurus. Bookmakers recommended on this site are reliable institutions where transactions are made over a secure network and your personal information is kept safe. You can find a comprehensive list of excellent Aussie bookies as well as international bookies that have trusted names.

After reading the reviews, see what other bettors feel about the bookie and what they think are the best. See what the market has to say about each bookmaker’s reputation. Read through the player comments and feedbacks on the bookie you’ve liked so far and on other ones as well. The best lesson is to learn from other’s experience and here at bestaustralianodds we firmly believe that.

By this time, you should have a selection of bookmakers who seem worthy of your deposit and now read their terms and conditions and make sure you understand it and are comfortable with it. Here is a selection of general questions you should consider when looking through online bookmaker terms and conditions

  • Minimum deposit requirements
  • Deposit methods accepted
  • Options for withdrawals from betting account
  • Are fees charged to deposit on betting account
  • Are fees charged to withdrawal from betting account
  • Minimum bet amount taken
  • Maximum withdrawal allowed per time period
  • Rules for the individual bets you place, especially rules when bets are voided

Another important aspect look out for is the odds that the bookmaker is offering. Make sure that the bookmaker is offering odds that are similar to what the general betting market suggests. Compare the odds of bookmaker and make sure yours is not ripping you off.  Now register, but you do not need to necessarily deposit yet. Any queries on the bookmaker can be gone through with its customer support team. The customer support team shows a lot about the bookmaker and make sure you are satisfied with their service because trust us, you will be dealing with them a lot.

Now, make a deposit and be sure you are happy with your end decision.

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